Lower Stage Side VIP Booth

From: $100.00

This name will be used on the sign placed on the VIP booth. If left blank we will used the name associated with your payment method.

Please select the bottle you would like with your VIP booth. Bottle service is required to reserve a VIP booth. If you would like a bottle not listed, please reach out and we will accommodate the best we can.

Each bottle comes with your choice of two mixers, please choose the first.

Each bottle comes with your choice of two mixers, please choose the second.



This is for the floor level stage side VIP booth. This booth has a couch and table with 4 chairs. Seats 6-7 people.

Our private VIP booths are included with the purchase of bottle service, which starts at only $100! Perfect for birthdays, bachelorette parties, or for any reason at all!

All bottles include two mixers, ice & cups setup in your booth by our team. If you like a bottle not listed, please let us know and we will accommodate if possible.

VIP booths are restricted to patrons 21+, zero exceptions. The dance side of the nightclub, where the booths are located, opens at 9pm. Reservations are not refundable. This reservation does not include cover charge into the nightclub. To provide you with the best service possible, a 20% gratuity will be automatically added upon checkout.

Please note there are no refunds on VIP reservations. In some circumstances we can move the reservation to a different date as long as reasonable notice is given.